Clean Diesel

Keeping your diesel free from unwanted substances is crucial for good product quality. Having a uncontaminated product is a prerequisite for modern fuel injection equipment to function properly. The new high pressure “common rail” diesel engines has a increased need of clean fuels to prevent problems like clogged nozzle and more. The increased use of biodiesel has dramatically amplified the challenges of delivering clean diesel.

Typical Diesel Quality Problems:

  • Dirt and particles
  • Fuel oxidation
  • Microbial growth
  • Water

Water in Diesel

Water concentration exceeding acceptable levels in international specifications cause:

  • Corrosion which may lead to injector problems.
  • Rust particles which lead to equipment wear.
  • Wear due to its low lubricity.
  • Etching and spalling eating away metal surfaces.
  • Pitting and cavitations.
  • Ice amplifying water related problems at low temperatures.
  • Negative influence on fuel additives.
  • Possibility for microbial growth.
  • Risk of accelerated fuel oxidation.

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