The inovative solutions for the AquAway products help you eliminate water in all forms.

One of the most common problems with diesel today (after implementation of bio), is dissolved water (gray diesel). AquAway, as the only product on the market, has the ability to remove this dissolved water from the fuel. So far Diesel Care has recovered 90% of all treated diesel. Less cost with a environmentally friendly solution.

AquAway - Dipstick

The Dipstick detects your water problem

AquAway - Cushion

This filtermat keeps your tank free of water at all times.

Benefits of AquAway:

  • Fast indication of water
  • Easy to use
  • Cleans up water (free and bound)
  • NO bacteria
  • NO yiest or mould
  • NO filter blocking
  • NO corrosion
  • NO damage to piping, pumps, etc
  • NO lab test needed
  • AquAway - Keep your tank free of water