AquAway Cushion

Keep your tank free of all water

Diesel Polishing Product

With the AquAway Cushion you can make clean (sales fuel) from waste fuels. Both free water and bound water (dissolved water) will be removed with the Cushion. Bringing your water levels in the fuels within values of 60-70 mg/kg (ppm), it really brings your fuel "back to life".

  • The Cushion will be placed at the bottom of the tank to absorb water entering the tank
  • Can stay in the tank as a insurance for a long time
  • Lifetime can be up to one year
  • If an exchange is necessary, it can be checked with the sampling tool
  • Easy service tool in use
  • Cost effective as no additional energy is needed
  • Can also be used to clean up waste diesel
  • This tool is intended to be used by tank owners and service personell
  • AquAway - Solves your problems effective and cost efficient